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  • Riia
  • 20. sept. 2021
  • Terve päev

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Europe Triathlon junior cup Riga, Läti


Terve päev
20. sept. 2021


Europe Triathlon junior cup Riga, Läti


Terve päev
20. sept. 2021


Riga Mezaparks Triathlon – 08.08.2021



Event Manual

Location: Riga

Race Venue address: Mezaparks, Grand Stage, Gatartas Street 9


Organizer of the competition

Latvian Triathlon Federation
Address: 25d Ganību dambis, Riga, LV-1005, Latvia, triatlons@triatlons.lv
President: Aigars Strauss, e-mail: triatlons@triatlons.lv
Secretary General: e-mail: arvids.zarins@triatlons.lv

Race Director: Sintija Strakša, mob: +37126434548, sintija.straksa@triatlons.lv
Results, time recording: Ivars Lapiņš, ivars.lapins@sportlat.lv
Registration, participation fee, visas: Liene Krauze, mob: +371 28382305, liene.krauze@triatlons.lv
Head Referee: Marуia Charkouskaya-Tarasevich (Belarus)
Athletes’ Services Manager Ieva Galeniece, ieva.galeniece@gmail.com



08.08.2021 Sunday
10:00 – 13:00 Registration, race package collection
13:00 – 13:50 Transition Area is open for all participants (check-in)*
START 1 – 0,1+3,5+0,8 km
14:00 F9; M9
START 2 – 0,2+4,5+1,6km
14:15 F11; F13; M11; M13
14:45 Award ceremony for the starts 1 and 2 (after last finisher)
  START 3 – 0,375+13+2,5 km
14:30 F15; F17; FO; F60
14:35 M15; M17, MO; M70
15:20 Award ceremony for the start 3 (after last finisher)
START 4 – 0,750+22+5,3 km
15:30 F19; F; Team relay
15:35 F40; F50
15:40 M40; M50; M60
15:45 M19; M
17:30 Award ceremony for the start 4 (after last finisher)
17:00 – 17:30 Transition Area is open for all participants (check-out)**

* Transition area is open for bike and running gear parking before the start (check in)

** Transition area is open for removal of all the equipment after the finish (check out).


Information meeting

  • For participants of Riga triathlon age groups and relay teams – online (date of publication – 01.08.2021, place – Latvian Triathlon Federation website and social networks)
  • -Riga European Triathlon Junior Cup – online


Age groups Year of birth Additional information
Women Men
F9 M9 Year 2012. – 2014 License not necessary
F11 M11 Year 2010. – 2011 License not necessary
F13 M13 Year 2008. – 2009 Triathlon licenses are required! **
F15 M15 Year 2006. – 2007
F17 M17 Year 2004. – 2005
F19 M19 Year 2002. – 2003
F M Year 1982. – 2001
F40 M40 Year 1972. – 1981
F50 M50 Year 1962. – 1971
F60 Year 1961. and older
M60 Year 1952. – 1961
M70 Year 1951. and older




Year 2004. and older License not necessary
Team relay License not necessary


Maps of the race center and courses are available in the Maps section.



License is mandatory for all Riga Triathlon age groups except RELAY RACE, Open (beginner) groups FO and MO, as well as youth groups F9, M9, F11, M11.
Purchase of a license is an international practice in events of such scope.


You can apply for a seasonal e-license 10 days prior the event free of charge by sending an email to licences@triatlons.lvOn the day of the race, you can buy a one-day license for 5 EUR.


Riga Triathlon 2020 – Relay Race

Each relay race team consists of 3 participants, with at least one team member being a woman.


Each participant shall complete ONE relay stageSwimming> cycling> running.
A time recording chip is used as a relay race baton, more information about the order of passing the race to the next team member will be specified at the transition areas.



Age group Distance (km) 01.08.2021. 01.08.-06.08.2021.
Online till 06.08. 24:00


F9, M9, 0.1+3,5+0,8 5 EUR 7 EUR 10 EUR
F11, M11, F13, M13 0.2+4,3+1.6 10 EUR 15 EUR 20 EUR
F15, M15, F17, M17, F60, M70, FO, MO 0.375+13+2.5 20 EUR 30 EUR 40 EUR
F, M, F19, M19, F40, M40, F50, M50, M60 0.750+22+5,3 35 EUR 45 EUR 60 EUR
Team Relay 0.750+22+5,3 45 EUR 60 EUR 90 EUR
2021 Europe Triathlon Junior Cup Riga 0,750+22+5,1 80 EUR, registration via national federations


  • An athlete is considered registered for the competition only when the full participation fee has been received by LTF. Participation fee is calculated from the date of payment, not the date of registration.
  • The name of the participant appears on the list only after the participant has been fully approved.
  • To properly prepare the timing system and to avoid the spread of COVID-19 by limiting human contact where possible, please register in advance and make all payments electronically.
  • The participation fee includes the race number, time control chip, staff, sponsor gifts and aid station. In the case of a lost or damaged time control chip, penalty – 20EUR
  • Online registration: http://www.triatlons.lv
  • Participation fee is non-refundable in the case of an athlete’s failure to take part in the race.
  • If the competition is cancelled due to force majeure (circumstances outside the control of the organizers), the participation fee is not refunded.



Riga Triathlon

  • Sponsor prizes

2021 Europe Triathlon Junior Cup Riga

  • ETU official medals: Top 3 Junior men, Top 3 Junior women


Participation limit:

  • 2021 Europe Triathlon Junior Cup Riga: 75 men / 75 women
  • Riga Triathlon – 400 participants (coaches, athletes and / or technical staff)



Riga Triathlon follows the common triathlon rules of the World Triathlon are available here.

Upon registration and verification of their participation in the competition the athlete fully agrees to these rules and accepts to comply with them. For a more detailed description of the competition and rules, please refer to the Athletes’ Handbook.


Technical Officials of the competition

Technical Officials and volunteers from Latvian Triathlon Federation, World Triathlon, Europe Triathlon, “SportLat”. (2021)


The Competition Jury

The competition jury will be convened in case of a protest. It consists of the representatives from Latvian Triathlon Federation, International Triathlon Federation, and a Technical Delegate. The exact members will be announced during the briefing.


Start Area

  • Start Area is located in Riga, Lake Kisezers, Mezaparks Beach
  • Start of the race is from the beach.



  • Freely chosen technique is allowed for the swimming section.
  • Wet suit is allowed if water temperature is below 21.9 degree C;



  • Athletes are permitted to push or carry the bike during the cycling section
  • For Riga Triathlon age groups drafting is NOT ALLOWED (TT handlebars are ALLOWED).
  • Drafting is allowed at the European Triathlon Junior Cup.
  • The helmet must be securely fastened and fit properly at all times when the athlete is in possession of the bike.



  • The athlete shall not be assisted by team members, coaches, and supporters.
  • Freely chosen technique is allowed for running.
  • Cycling helmet is not allowed.
  • Running shoes are mandatory.


Transition area:

  • There is one Transition area for the race – T1.
  • Transition Area 1 (T1)
    • Is used for checking in cycling equipment before the race
    • Is used for placing swimming equipment after completing the swimming part of the race
    • Technical officials carry out a check-in procedure before the race
    • Is used for checking in running equipment before the race
    • Is used for placing cycling equipment after the cycling part of the race
  • Only athletes, technical officials and people with special permits are allowed in the transition area.
  • Only athletes can check-in and check-out their equipment
  • Transit zone is protected and restricted by a fence.
  • Athletes shall place the equipment in the transition area only at the designated times. Equipment may be taken away only by the athletes upon showing the technical official the bib number and body markings.
  • Equipment left in the transition area and not taken away in the allocated time will be taken and placed in a specially marked territory.


Finish zone

  • Finish zone is demarcated and marked with the finish arch
  • An athlete is considered to have finished the race the moment they cross the finish line.


Time recording

  • During the competition, the official time recording partner provides time recording.
  • During the competition there will be several time recording locations – for swimming, cycling, running, and transition area.



Throughout the race the athletes are provided with medical assistance in case of need.



  • We request all payments be made electronically in advance.
  • Do not crowd in the event venues – the registration, any entrances/exits, bathrooms, transition area etc.
  • Event cannot be attended by individuals under self-isolation, home quarantine or persons who are experiencing symptoms of respiratory infection.
  • Participants (or their representatives) confirm with their signature that the athlete has not been instructed to be in self isolation, home quarantine or isolation and is not experiencing symptoms of respiratory infection. They will also be asked to provide a contact number in case they need to be warned about possible Covid-19 infection case.
  • During the event, it is mandatory that all participants practice correct hand and respiratory hygiene as instructed at the event. We ask that you secure yourself a face mask.
  • – click here for the latest information.



  • Items lost and found during the race will be taken to the luggage storage. If not recovered in time, lost item requests are to be sent to galeniece@gmail.comafter the race.


Traffic and parking during the event

Participants must comply with the instructions of the organizers, officials, police officers and parking signs.


Information for the spectators

We recommend that all visitors watch the race at the race center. Swimming, cycling and running courses will be available to watch from the race center as well as from the race course. Spectators should follow the instructions of the officials and police officers and follow the signs. Spectators must have an up-to-date Covid-19 vaccination or re-vaccination certificate.



Organizers retain the right to make changes and additions to the event manual. For any changes and updates see LTF website www.triatlons.lv, Facebook, Instagram. Organizers are not responsible for participants failure to familiarize themselves with the manual.



Complaints are being accepted within 30min of result publication. The charge to submitting a complaint is 50EUR which is refunded if the complaint is recognized to be well-founded.


Latvian Triathlon Federation Bank Details

Latvijas Triatlona federacija

Reg.nr.: 40008024242

Ganibu dambis 25d, Riga, LV-1005

AS Swedbank, HABALV22

Account nr.: LV24HABA0551025014818


Data processing

Both the organizer and the athlete (“Athlete – a physical person engaged in sport and participating in sport competitions”) are bound by the Law on Sport, which in Article 18(2) sets out the athlete’s obligations: “When participating in sport competitions, an athlete is obliged to comply with the rules of international and Latvian recognized sports federations, the principles of sports ethics and fair play, the rules of anti-doping laws and regulations.”. Both the principles of sports ethics and fair play and Article 15.1 of the SL state that any manipulation of results is prohibited and that sports results must be published unadulterated, which is also in the public interest. In the light of the Sport Law, Sportlat has a legal basis and a legitimate interest in the processing of this data.

By entering the competition, each participant agrees to the processing of his/her personal data based on the Article 7.1 of the Personal Data Protection Law.

The processing of personal data is carried out to correctly display the results provided by the athlete in relation to the results of other participants. To determine the athlete’s distance and group affiliation, in accordance with the Competition Regulations, in addition to the name of the Data Subject, the gender and date of birth are also required. To protect the Data Subject’s personal data, the data will be minimized to the extent possible upon request by e-mail to: triatlons@triatlons.lv

There will be photography and filming done during the competition for marketing and promotional purposes. The organizers have the right to use photographs and videos taken during the Riga Triathlon 2021 and 2021 Europe Triathlon Junior Cup Riga without the explicit permission of the people featured in them. The organizers also have the right to offer participants the possibility to download photos and videos.